command to set file access control list.


  setfacl - it is used for granting read,write,execute access to files and directories

  for multiple users and groups

  format setfacl [options] u:username:permission dir/filename

  Eg1 setfacl –m u:jack:rwx /data

  Here it sets acl for the user jack with permissions rwx for the directory data

  Eg2 setfacl –x u:jack /data

  Here it removes acl for jack for directory data

  Eg3 setfacl m d:u:jack:rwx /data1

  Here it sets default acl to directory data for user jack,Here in default acl it inherits the permissions to the subdirectories.To get the file access control list of a file the command used is getfacl.

  format: getfacl [options] filename

  Eg1: getfacl –d /data1

  Here it displays the default access list for the directory data1

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